Automate &
simplify sensitive
data management

Transparent Visibility
Continuous mapping and classification of your sensitive data. Infognito’s sensitive data dashboard provides accurate and up-to-date visibility where sensitive data is stored.

Data Anonymization
Keep your data safe. Prevent sensitive data from reaching non-production and cloud environments with Infognito’s data masking. Replace sensitive data with high quality alternatives while keeping your data consistent between tables, applications, and databases at the same time.

24/7 Compliance Tracking
Understand and know exactly where your PII and sensitive data are at all times. Track PII and sensitive data through its entire lifecycle, while having automated alerts when potential new sensitive data comes through your database that may not comply with existing regulation policies.


Data Privacy & Classification

Have full visibility of where sensitive data is stored within the entire databases of your organization, meet regulation requirements and improve compliance while reducing the risk of data falling into the wrong hands.

Securing Test Data

Infognito allows you to build automated data discovery and masking processes, to prevent sensitive information from leaking into non-production environments

Cloud Migration

Prevent sensitive data from reaching cloud environments, using Infognito consistent data discovery as well as prevent sensitive data from reaching the cloud using infognito masking engine.

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